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Wine Artefacts

The Vintners' Company has been given various fine ornaments used in the consumption of wine. By the 1750s, the value of ageing wine in casks had been recognised and increasingly elegant methods of bringing wine to the table were developed.

Wine Funnel

This pear-shaped funnel would have been used for decanting wine.

Wine Carriage

This carriage performs the function of two coasters. It carries two decanters of wine and can be easily moved along the table. The basket-shaped carriages are decorated with vines.

Wine Labels

Wine was originally stored in unmarked green bottles, making identification impossible. Wine labels were an English invention of the 1720s to identify the contents of bottles. The 'bottle-ticket' on the left hand side is particularly fine. It was made by Paul Storr, probably the most famous silversmith of the Regency period. Unusually, he was a Freeman of the Vintners Company rather than the Goldsmiths'.

Wine Tasters

These small saucer-shaped bowls enable the colour, clarity, nose and taste of the wine to be easily assessed. These are twentieth century examples, although wine tasters, sometimes known by their french name of "tastevins" have been used in England since the early Middle Ages.

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