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The Vintners' Tapestry

Hanging in the Drawing Room is a fine tapestry dated to 1466 and originally made for Canterbury Cathedral. It depicts the legend of St. Martin, the patron saint of the Vintners, on the right hand side. He is dividing his cloak in two with his sword to share it with a beggar. The other half of the tapestry shows St. Dunstan, the Archbishop of Canterbury in the tenth century, saying Mass.

The Hearse Cloth

The Company was given the hearse cloth on 14 February 1539 by John Husee, Chamberlain of London 1525-32 and Master 1528-31. The gold and purple cloth is decorated with biblical scenes, vines and the arms of Husee and the Company. At one end, St. Martin is depicted dividing his cloak with the beggar and at the other he is shown as Bishop of Tours giving alms to a cripple. The cloth was used for covering the coffins of deceased members of the Company for the last time in 1931.


The banners and flags that hang in the Livery Hall were originally only used in processions and on the Company's barge for swan upping. They depict the arms of the City of London, the Company and past Masters.

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