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The walls of Vintners' Hall are adorned with many fine paintings. Hanging in the Court Room alone are portraits of Charles I, Charles II, Mary II, Prince George of Denmark (the consort of Queen Anne), Robert Shaw (Master 1636) and Sir Thomas Rawlinson (Master 1687 and Lord Mayor 1705). Also in the Court Room is a painting of St. Martin, first mentioned in the archives in 1702-3 when it was reframed and mended for £2. It is similar to two pictures by Van Dyck -one at Windsor Castle and the other in a parish church near Brussels. Perhaps the most interesting recent trompe l'oeilare the three views of the Thames in different centuries in the Swan Room.

The Feast of the Five Kings

The painting of the Feast of the Five Kings is a smaller replica by Albert Chevallier Taylor of his mural in the Royal Exchange. It was presented to the Company by Henry Dexter Truscott (Master 1922-3).

It depicts the famous occasion in the fourteenth century when the Vintners are said to have entertained the kings of England, Scotland, Denmark, France and Cyprus. This event, when the Vintners out-classed all other Livery companies, has been preserved for six centuries in the Company's toast -"The Vintners' Company may it flourish root and branch forever with five and the Master”.

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