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Our Supported Charities
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The Vintners' Foundation currently provides support to the following Charities:


The Benevolent 

Helps those from the drinks industry facing serious medical or financial hardship. Today it continues to be the heart of the UK drinks industry charitable focus.



Carefree Kids 

Helps children traumatised by home circumstances, such as parental abuse of drink or drugs, bitter divorce, neglect, domestic violence or bereavement.    



Chain Reaction 

Educates disadvantaged young people aged 5 to 19 in deprived areas of London and Essex by providing
 issue-based interactive theatre and media workshops in community settings, schools and special educational units for young people who have been excluded from mainstream school. 



The Counselling Pastoral Trust 

Works to reduce stress and emotional health problems that cause individual and family breakdown, addressing anger management, relationship conflict and drug/alcohol and other problematic forms of ‘stress-relief.’ 




One North East London 

Aims to reduce the devastation addiction causes to individuals, families and communities.  



Spitalfields Crypt Trust 

Provides a range of high-quality support, rehabilitation and training services to people facing problems of homelessness, alcohol, drugs, poverty or social isolation.



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