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Mr Robert Rolls
Master Vintner

The Company is governed by the Master, three Wardens and a Court of Assistants, supported by a number of specialist committees.

The Court currently numbers 23 and comprises those Assistants who are waiting to progress through the ranks of Wardens to become Master Vintner. Those who have been through "the Chair" are known as Past Masters. The Master is elected annually and the Company's year runs from the date of his installation in July. The Junior Warden is known as the Swan Warden, and is responsible for all swan matters.

Master & Wardens 2016 - 2017

Master - Mr Robert Rolls
Upper Warden - Mr Nick Arkell
Renter Warden - Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley
Swan Warden - Ms Marcia Waters MW


The Company has a permanent staff, headed by the Clerk, in effect the Chief Executive. The Management team also comprise the Director of Finance, General Manager and the Office and Systems Manager.

The Office & Systems Manager manages all matters to do with administration, IT & communication systems, Vintners' Company Member events (Lunches, Dinners, Sporting etc) and also acts as the Membership Secretary.  There are a small number of Secretaries responsible for particular areas of the Company's activities.

The Hall is run and managed by the General Manager, who has, under him, the Beadle, responsible for the wine cellar, four Housemen and an Engineer.

The Company also employs a Swan Marker and Bargemaster, together with a team of Swan Uppers to undertake the Swan Upping week and other duties. Finally, the Company has an Honorary Wine Porter to preserve the tradition and profession of wine porterage, which was the delivery of wine throughout the City.

The Court Room is one of the oldest rooms in London

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